Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Arrival of Mini Birdie Birkin

As promised.... hope this post will compensate for my "disappearance act" soon.....heehee...

As if the birthday celebration, surprises and prezzies were not enough, my days, months or even years were made even better by the fact that I received a call from my Hermes SA a week after my Birthday. It was about an arrival of an uber exquisite mini birdie birkin! Talking about icing on the Cake yah......

Initially, I was hesitating about the size of this Birkin. I was wondering whether will it be too "mini" for me since I always prefer Birkins in size 35cm. I will accept Birkins in size 30cm though. My SA also sent me pictures of this Birkin for my viewing and consideration. However, being my FIRST "Exotic Skin" Bag and that "Hefty Price"..... I did give it a thought for sometime...... (ok... not very long.... but it was at least 45 minutes) and after a quick consultation with Hubby, he said BUY IT... U SHOULD GET IT!!!! (Hooray!!!!! Yeepee!!!!!!!!!... ) Isn't he such a wonderful hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there..... this Birdie flew in with Fedex and arrived safely at my doorstep......

Wanna see my latest New Amazing Gordy Gordy Mini Birdie?????????

Well... if this sound interesting to you...... Please follow the instructions carefully.....

1) Get yourself relaxed and seated comfortably
2) Make yourself a cup of coffee/tea or your favourite drink


Here we go...... slowly scroll down the side bar....

My First Hermes Ostrich Birkin
25cm Blue de Prusse Ostrich Birkin with Palladium Hardware!!!!!!!

It is such an elegant, versatile, adorable and surprisingly easy to carry baby. It is small and utterly feminine enough to be carried as a Dressy Bag for Cocktail/Formal Dinner Events and complement a Day Outing. I have already worn it with jeans for several occasions.... Now, waiting for someone (hinting... hinting... to Hubby....) to bring me out for Fancy Dining so that I can flaunt it with my nice dresses.....(Heehee)

I also find that the colour on the Ostrich Skin Leather seems to have a darker/deeper tone as compared to Regular Leather. I love how this New Shade of Blue Hue was brought out on this Ostrich Birkin. Just simply a DIVINE Combo!!!!

Before I end this post.... I wanna to give you guys some heads up.... I have ALREADY received my X'mas Prezzie!!!! It is "Something" that I claimed and honoured it to be my '08 X'mas Prezzie VOLUNTARILY ... (I am sooo considerate, right?.... Do not want Hubby to have heart attack after soooo many many shopping sprees.....Mwhahaha...)
So, you guys be patient okie.....Just check back for more Shopping Loots, X'mas Prezzie reveal, Travels updates.... and more.....

That's all for now.... Tata... and Take Care!!!

'08 B-Day Celebration for BunBun in Wonderland

Once again... I am soo late into my updatessssss....... I am truly super duper busy!!!!!!!! Busy with our new house and busy with upcoming travel planning..... (interstate and international). One of my good pals, Liling, is visiting me tomorrow. (Hooray!!!) I am sooooo excited!!!!! It's so nice to have friends/relatives coming over to visit and hang out. We will also be traveling interstate too... Need to show her around mah.... Right after her visit, hubby and I will be leaving for Shanghai (yup... again... heehee)... However we are including Beijing, Hangzhou and Suzhou in this trip too. Tons of planning to do!!!!! Hence, I will make a quick post on this one first.... while the rest, including the shoppingsss will be revealed in the other later posts yah.... I am also also trying to expedite another post regarding "something special" to tide you guys over my "disappearance period"...... Check back for more.....

Ok... Now lets rewind back to my B-Day celebration. Hubby had actually planned for a trip to Hawaii but... he got way too busy with his hectic work so we didn't managed to celebrate my birthday as planned.....

However, Hubby tried REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to compensate/make up for it. From Surprisess, Indulgent Prezziess to Fancy and Yummy Dinnerss. Needless to say, I am utterly touched by him. Beside all the planned surprise birthday prezziess, he also made an effort to call both my SA from Hermes and Chanel in hope to get me at least one of my Holy Grail Bags (Hermes Fuschia Ostrich Birkin or Chanel Black Reissue with Silver Hardware). Though he knew that the probability was low. Even my SAs were singing praises of him. I felt soooooo blessed. (Hubby.. Thanks for giving me such a fabulous B-Day Celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!)

One day before my birthday (we were flying to Vegas on the actual day), the First surprise came in. It was a 3-Dimensional Cake in a shape of a Hermes Fuschia Birkin!!!! Hubby had actually emailed the Bakery a picture of a Hermes Fuschia OSTRICH Birkin but they weren't able to bake the exact model...... We guess it was because Ostirch looks might not be as appealing on a Cake as compared to a Real Ostrich Birkin.... This cake was HUGE and HEAVY (6-7kg or so). Every part of the cake was edible except for the handles. Of course, after seeing the cake, we realised that we would not be able to finish the cake among the 2 of us. Hubby then called up some of our friends to help out!!!!! We received immense compliments on the cake. Some were mentioning that they only get to see this kinda cake on TV.... Hence they were sooo happy to see one in real life!! We received feedback that the cake was quite delicious only that the icing was too thick and sweet (probably due to the fact that it needs to hold its shape).
Anyhow, I really appreciate all the sweet gestures by my darling hubby!!!!!

Since this post is about my B-Day, I cannot post without my PREZZIES yah? By the way, these were all from my indulgent hubby......

Announcing my First '08 B-Day Prezzie........ Hermes Coat

Announcing my Second '08 B-Day Prezzie........Hermes Cardigan

Announcing my Third '08 B-Day Prezzie.......Limited Edition Eau Des Merveilles

Announcing my Fourth '08 B-Day Prezzie....... Chanel Pearl Necklace

Announcing my Last but not least '08 B-Day Prezzie.... Hermes "JYPSIERE" Messenger bag
This is a new buzz word in the current Purse/Bag Industry and is designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. A very "HOT" Casual Bag at Hermes that is almost always sold out. It has been featured in many magazines. My SA said that the boutique received a few of them and were immediately gone in half a day. My SA was on leave during the arrival... but she still managed to get me a Gold Jypsiere which I kindly passed on as I do not have a fancy on Gold Colour. Just when I thought I would have to wait for the next shipment, Miracle Happened!!!!! My SA managed to get ONE just before my Birthday... However, she called hubby instead of me. They planned it as a SURPRISE for me!!!!!!!!!

My lovable hubby had prior reservation made to L'Atelier de JoËl Robuchon on my Birthday...... but.... due to ME overlooking and spending tooo much time on shopping.... we had to change it to the following day. So for a birthday dinner, we ended up at Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant and Bar located in Bellagio Hotel which turned out to be a Gastronomic Dinner. They offer Fusion Japanese Cuisine (twist mixture of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine). Beside their heavenly delicious innovative dishes and extensive sake collection, one can have panoramic views of Bellagio's iconic fountain show and Las Vegas Strip. If we had not come in sort of at the last minute (ok.. it was all my fault...), we could have had a table near the window or on the patio enjoying the view too. We tried the Multi-Course Omakase Tasting Menu which is Award-winning chef Akira Back’s best creations of the day. I wasn't able to figure out the name of each dish but everything was incredibly yummilicious and scrumptious with impeccable service in a posh and elegant setting. I would rave on and on. Both hubby and I just went nutz over them!!!! - We need to return soon!!!!!!!!!

Address: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 (In Bellagio Hotel)
Telephone: 866.259.7111 or 702.693.7223

Can you see the Yellowtail???

Hubby and Me at Yellowtail Sushi Restaurant and Bar for my B-day Dinner

My Outfit today: Thomas Wylde Blouse, Stella McCartney Jeans, Hermes Horn Necklace, Chanel 2.55 Reissue and Christian Louboutin Pumps

On the 2nd night, clad in my Emilio Pucci Dress (which I received heaps of compliements from many onlookers.........blush blush lah....), we had dinner at L'Atelier de JoËl Robuchon - another coup for world-renowned French chef Joël Robuchon. There are 2 seatings arrangement in the restaurant - Bar Dining and Table Dining, the last of which is reserved for parties of 3 or more. But it seemed like the Bar Seating was more popular.... so Hubby and I were seated at the Bar counter, facing the open-concept kitchen, providing a perfect entertainment as the chefs were preparing the food. From a interior design perspective, the restaurant looks strikingly stylish, contemporary and elegant. Food wise, not only were the courses amazing and outstanding, the presentation was appealing as well. The Chef changes the menu frequently. Both of us got to try out their 3rd Anniversary Discovery 9-Course Tasting Menu and were pretty impressed. The Free-Range Quail Stuffed with Foie Gras and Served with Truffled-Mashed Potatoes was savory and sublime - just out of the world!!! Poached Baby Kussi Oysters with French "Echiré" Butter were fresh and tasty... (I even helped Hubby to finish his.... heehee) Hubby mentioned that his French-Style Hanger Steak with Fried Shallots was juicy, moist and literally melted in his mouth. Look thru' the slides for more mouth-watering foods.....

Address: 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas (In MGM Grand Hotel and Casino)

Telephone: (702) 891-7358 - Reservations are highly recommended

On our last night, we dined at Shanghai Lily where they offer Cantonese and Szechuan specialties tailored more for the Americans. Decor is impressive and in a fine dining atmosphere. Food on the other hand was just average. I was very disappointed with their Signature Dish - Peking Duck. The only highlights were their savory Spicy Clay Pot Braised Tofu with Eggplant and Almond Cookies. The Almond Cookies were actually their freebie desserts (limited to one per customer). We were told by the waitress that it cost USD2 per piece.

Address: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas (In Mandalay Bay Hotel)
Telephone: (702) 632-7409

My Outfit today: Chanel Top, William Rast Denim Shorts, Lanvin Flats, Hermes Watch and Hermes Jypsiere Messenger Bag which my hubby insisted that I wear

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Add on to the previous post - Dinner at Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

Pardon me yah.....This is an add on to the previous post, as I left out something while rushing to write 2 posts in a day mah......

I wanted to tell you guys about our dinner at the Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas. Hofbräuhaus originates in Munich, Germany, and Hubby and I were glad to have the opportunity to patronize the original during our last trip to Munich in '07. We can attest that the Las Vegas version is similar to the one in Munich. It offers Traditional German and Bavarian fare and LIVE German Oompa band performances. There are 2 seating areas - one in the Huge Beer Hall with tall and painted ceilings where guests are seated at large picnic style tables shared with strangers, and another in the Indoor Beer Garden with garden style tables. (The one in Munich has a for-real Outdoor Beer Garden) We preferred to dine in the Beer Hall where we get to enjoy the lively entertainment from the band with their traditional German music and some classic American hits. Guests held their glasses in the air and sang to the music too. The band plays the famous chicken dance occasionally, and we saw many diners dancing.... Waitresses are also dressed in authentic German garb.... And has the feel of some sort of Oktoberfest all year round!!! You can see guests drinking from huge one liter steins of beer!!!

Overall, Hubby and I were allured more to the fun atmosphere than the food. Nevertheless, the food was pretty decent and I must give Thumbs Up for their homemade Bavarian Potato Salad. It was reallyyyyyy Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Address: 4510 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169
Tel: (702) 853-2337

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shopping in Vegas, San Jose and Short Trip to Austin

Need to post these before we fly off for a quick getaway celebration in Vegas (Yup... it will be Vegas again... boring ah....) Well... I shall not dwell into why we choose Vegas again as I need to rush off this posting... So, just stay tune for the next post for more detail yah....

Last month, we flew to Vegas, San Jose and Austin..... All except for Vegas were due to business trips for hubby who brought along his lovely wife..... (hey... don't puck lah....heehee)

Swing right into to our last trip to Vegas. What does a person who is diagnosed with "shopping disease" do in Vegas???? Shopaholics can NEVER resist a shopping heaven!!!!!!
Please allow me to parade my shopping conquestsssss from the shopping heaven/paradise for your pleasure viewing.. Otherwise... you can click on "X" sign to stop the viewing lor.......

Suffice to say, I had been extremely successful with Chanel this time!!!!!!! Managed to add several gorgeous pieces to my Chanel Collection - 2 Arm Candies (one of the arm candies deserve another separate paragraph on its own), 2 Jacket/Sweater and some accessories.
The Chanel Timeless Clutch is so versatile... It can be used for a Casual Outing as shown on Victoria Beckham or act as a perfect arm candy for Formal Dining.
My giving and adorable hubby really pampered me a lot a lot a lot (x 10000000000), not only did he get me both the Chanel Jacket and Wool Cardigan/Sweater in Dark Blue, he was asking me to get the Wool Cardigan/Sweater in Grey as well. However, I rejected his kind offer....... since I am already very pleased with these 2 pieces from the New Season.

Those of you who have been following my blog should have know that I've been lusting over the drool-worthy Dark Gold/Bronze Chanel 2.55 Reissue for quite some time. Hence, when I saw this New Arm Candy featured in the Chanel Fall/Winter '08 Catalog, I immediately asked my SA to place an order for it (waited for 3 weeks or so)


CHANEL 227 DK BROWN METALLIC 2.55 REISSUE with ruthenium hardware from Fall/Winter '08 Collection. Though it is not a dark gold/bronze colour, the yummy hard-to-beat brown/chocolate with a metallic sheen is able to provide a bronze look under lighting too. The distressed calfskin leather is luxuriously soft and I love the silver hardware on this bag. It is so easy to carry, so versatile, so chic..... Practically and Absolutely Perfect!!!! With this fabulous affection towards Reissue, I asked my SA for another ONE – 227 BLACK 2.55 REISSUE with dark silver hardware as well (still patiently awaiting for it). Hubby was extremely supportive about this decision!!....He said I SHOULD get both of them!!! He kept singing praises about how well they looked on me. The boutique actually had the Black Reissue in Black Hardware in stock but I passed on as it didn't make my heart skip a beat. Anyhow, with this, I have removed the Chanel Reissue from my wish list side bar...... ( This removal was reminded by my Hubby..... my loyal supporter who kept track of my wish list....) - Does this mean he can concentrate on my other wish listsssssss??????????? - Mwahahahaha.....

Visiting Hermes is mandatory for me in Vegas!!!! Without much delay, I shall revealed the conquests... I had been haunted by this Hermes Kelly Gloves when I first saw it in a forum. I was totally nutzzz over it. They make me look pretty as a posy and it will DEFINITELY be one of my statement accessories during winter. The prints/details on the Hermes Passage du Moscou Scarf are sooo stunning and the Purple/Violet Colorway is truly breathtaking.

The rest of goodies from Vegas are namely from Dolce & Gabbana, D&G, J Brand and Burberry. I was actually looking for a Balenciaga Leather Jacket but I couldn't carry off any of them. (Though I wish I could still find one that suit me in future) My SA then introduced me this Dolce & Gabbana Leather Jacket where the goatskin leather are soft but yet not slouchy and equipped with a modern and edgy appeal rather than the ultrarock biker look.

J Brand is well known for its Skinny Jeans but their Love Story Bellbottom Jeans Series are flying off the shelves too!!!! They can be seen on countless magazines and many celebrities from Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Paris Hilton just to name a few. I have gotten myself 2 pairs of Love Story Lightweight Bellbottom Jeans (Indigo and Charcoal Wash – which are now in the hands of my trusted tailor). These jeans are just awesome... Not only do they have clean and classic look, they are extremely flattering... somehow making you slimmer too....( Perfect for me.... Heehee...)

I will not post everything except for a couple of rather interesting ones from San Jose. Loeffler Randall Layered Sleeve Dress has a ladylike and sultry look while the artsy prints on M Missoni Intarsia-Knit Dress add some charming subtlely. I just love the plum colour on this pair of Miu Miu Pumps...

On the last bit, hubby and I flew to Austin. We stayed over at Barton Creek Resort and Club which is a pretty pleasant resort. Believe it a not, I was in the Resort throughout the whole stay (4 days)!!! (not that I've a choice... heehee... since there are not much shopping in Austin.....) While hubby was having his business meeting/working hard to support his shopaholic wife, I stayed in the resort to enjoy the spa facilities and treatment. It was just a laze and relaxing time for me.......
The resort has recently underwent remodeling. We had one of the re-furbished room which is nicely furnished and decorated with great amenities. This resort is situated in the hill country hence views were just phenomenal. Since I did not leave the resort at all, I took all my meals at the property. Mostly room service except for the arrival day where we had early dinner at The Hill Country Dining Room. The food was nothing special though.
Overall, I would recommend staying here for a simple weekend getaway especially if you’re a golfer, I believe you'll love it as the golf courses are just so beautiful... Seems like golfing heaven..... However, if this is to be a personal vacation for hubby and me, I will check out Four Seasons Hotel instead.....